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  • 40 weeks ago by

    Because we couldn’t leave a playoff game behind, we will be covering one more game this week!! Thank you to all of our listeners that tune in to our Faith & Football segment!🙏🏻 Join is for one last and trilling playoff game on Friday!!🏈 Only on 88.1 FM or http://www.KHOY.com 🤩
    40 weeks ago Bryan Shirk
  • 41 weeks ago by

    Because we are on our LAST week of Faith & Football, we will be covering TWO games this week!!🤩🙌🏻🏈 Don’t miss our play-by-play coverage on Thursday AND Friday for these very exciting and thrilling games! Only on 88.1 FM or http://www.KHOY.com!
    41 weeks ago Bryan Shirk
    "Good answer!!)
  • 42 weeks ago by

    Goyo, Fr. Lucero & Bennett at the Khoy 88.1 FM RadioThon
    42 weeks ago Maria R Mutz
    Please support khoy everyone call 19567224167
  • 42 weeks ago by

    We’re reaching the end of our Faith & Football Season! Don’t miss out as there are very few games left to cover!! Tune in this Friday only on 88.1 FM or http://www.KHOY.com! 🏈🙌🏻
  • 43 weeks ago by

    Coming up this Friday! For our weekly Faith & Football segment, Nixon vs LBJ!! Don’t miss out on this game and tune in to 88.1 fm or http://www.KHOY.com! 🏈🙏
  • 44 weeks ago by

    Tune in this Friday to our weekly Faith & Football🙏🏈 Only on KHOY 88.1 fm and http://www.KHOY.com!
  • 45 weeks ago by

    Just a couple of hours away!! Don’t miss it!🙌🏻
  • 45 weeks ago by

    Faith & Football game of the week!! You don’t want to miss it! Tune in this Friday to catch our LIVE play by play🏈😎 Only on KHOY 88.1fm or online at http://www.KHOY.com!
  • 46 weeks ago by

    Don’t miss.. tomorrow.. in our Faith & Football segment.. one of our own from the diocese.. St.Augustine Knights Football Game🏈🙏🏻 Tune in as we have a father & son duo covering this play-by-play🙌🤩
    Let’s go big blue!💙
    St. Augustine High School
    46 weeks ago Blasita Lopez
    Looking forward to it!
  • 47 weeks ago by

    United South vs United Football Game coming up this Friday‼️ You DO NOT want to miss this game! Tune in to KHOY 88.1fm or http://www.KHOY.org to listen to our LIVE play by play! We promise it’ll be good🙌🏈🙌🏈
    47 weeks ago Bryan Shirk
    Was there a broadcast last friday?
    47 weeks ago KHOY 88.1 FM
    Bryan Shirk Hello! Last week our broadcast was on Thursday for the Alexander vs RGV game.
    47 weeks ago Bryan Shirk
    KHOY 88.1 FM
    Por eso!
    So sorry!!
  • 48 weeks ago by

    Tune in!!🤩
  • 48 weeks ago by

    It’s Faith & Football time!!🙏🏻🏈 Don’t miss tomorrow’s game and tune in only on KHOY 88.1fm or http://www.KHOY.org!!
    We would like to give a special shout out to one of our loyal sponsors Laredo Chamber of Commerce! Thank you for your unconditional support to our community and our local businesses🤩
    48 weeks ago Melissa Osorio Gonzalez
    Freshmen and JV had a great win last night! Wishing the best to our Varsity team 🙏
  • 49 weeks ago by

    Get ready for this week’s Faith & Football special!🙏🏈
    We’re excited to provide you with a play-by-play of this Friday’s game! Don’t miss it and tune in only on 88.1 FM AND http://www.KHOY.org 😉
  • 50 weeks ago by

    Tonight!! Don’t miss the game and tune in🙌🏈
  • 50 weeks ago by

    Excited for this Friday’s game?! Tune in and listen to our play by play coverage🙌🏈
    Only on 88.1FM and http://www.khoy.org😉
  • 51 weeks ago by

    We are just a couple hours away for the big game today!! Laredo’s oldest football rivalry, Nixon vs Martin!😲🏈🙌
    Tune in tonight!!!
    51 weeks ago Bryan Shirk
    I know nothing about these schools and especially not the football program.
    But I love to hear these announcers put excitement into the play by play.
    I enjoy these games because of them.
    50 weeks ago KHOY 88.1 FM 1
    Bryan Shirk 🤩 We love hearing that! Thank you so much for tuning in🙌💙
    42 weeks ago Maria R Mutz
    I hope they win
  • 51 weeks ago by

    We know you are just as excited for this Friday’s Football game as we are!!🏈🙌
    Tune in and listen to our LIVE coverage by Joe Palacios and Goyo Lopez!
    Here’s to the first week of our Faith & Football season! We wish all schools good luck🤩
    51 weeks ago KHOY 88.1 FM
    Jose A Palacios Jr.
  • 51 weeks ago by

    Faith & Football season is back!!🤩🏈
    Tune in this Thursday to catch our first LIVE coverage of the #LRDHSFB game of the season!🙌 Brought to you by Goyo Lopez and Jose A Palacios Jr.
    51 weeks ago Flowers Etc
    Go Toros
  • 63 weeks ago by

    Tune in to KHOY 88.1 for the Rite of Rededication of San Agustin Cathedral Saturday morning at 10:00am. Join us for this beautiful and historic event!
    48 weeks ago Pedro Vasquez
    can't hear the mass???
    63 weeks ago Daniela Perez
    Beautiful ❤
    63 weeks ago Maria Del Rosario Gonzales
    63 weeks ago Yolanda Salazar
  • 72 weeks ago by

    On this Good Friday, KHOY takes a time out to stop and reflect on the three hours that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spent on the cross for our salvation.  For the next three hours we present reflections, thoughts and music as we keep vigil.  Join us in devout attention as we pause and commemorate the three hours on the cross, the Death and Passion of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. Tune in to KHOY at 12:00 pm 🙏